Our tongue is our taster

> Today the we talking about tasting one of MY favorite things to do ! We talked about how we use our tongue to taste things and we even checked out our tongues in a mirror ! We looked at salt and sugar . By using our eyes we couldnt tell which was which so […]

Do you SEE what I see ?

> Did you know we have a treasure chest ? It is a decorated chest that we let the children get in when they do something special or their behavior is extraordinarily good. Today they ALL got in the chest for the first time. Ask your child why ! Orrin got glasses out of the […]

Baby It’s Cold Outside

> It is so cold outside. The cold wouldnt be so bad if the wind wasn’t blowing. Layers work best in this kind of weather. Remember our quality standards state that we go outside unless there is an advisory or falling precipitation. We don’t stay out for the long periods like for warmer weather , […]

Do you hear what I hear ?

> This morning we went on a listening walk. We heard big dogs and little dogs . We heard birds, and crickets and squirrels and cars driving down the street. The weather was beautiful. We stopped in the library and read the book ” The Listening Walk”. The we spent some time playing at the […]

Tasting Party !

> Our day started rockin’ when Nolan showed up with Cathy’s Corner pancakes. YUM- O ! We have been talking about the five senses this week and today was taste . The children were invited to bring their favorite food for the other children to try. We had brownies, peaches, M&M’s , squash, fruity pebbles […]

The sense of touch

> We thought the day was going to be a bust again for our trip to the flower shop. We had a special visitor come in this morning to read. Williams dad, Gary, read ” It looked like spilt milk . ” Did you ever lay on your back as a child and look at […]

First Field Trip of 2010-2011

> Before I give a run – down of today, let me back up to Friday to say ” Hello ” to a couple more grandparents that stopped by on Friday to help us celebrate. Audrey’s grandma and Kimbers grandpa stopped by to share the cake the kids cooked earlier in the day. We have […]

Fun in the Sun

> What a fun day ! Today we took off to the park around 9:30 and returned home at 11:30 . Before leaving home we read ” The Listening Walk” . As we walked to the park we listened for things around us. But that wasn’t the highlight. The Park … a child’s place of […]

Be careful little eyes what you see

> Today we talked about our eyes. The kids cut out eyes to make a collage. Cutting is still very difficult for some of my kiddos. If you are a mommy and you are reading this… some cutting experiences at home would be great ! Whitlee was excited that she found a HUGE eye ! […]

Taste test !

>( Excuse the late post as I left at 12:00 to take my mom to chemo ) One of the fun things we did today was have a taste test. Four of the kids brought in stuff for us to taste. We had a fruity gum, chocolate hershey bar, fruit salad and a peanut butter […]