>Today we had another great day! Right after breakfast we went outside because I thought it may rain. It did not. Oh well! They had fun anyhow, I do not […]

Froggy fun!

>Welcome back from a long weekend! I heard lots of things that the children did over the weekend. Sounds like everyone had fun! Today we began our new unit about […]


>We wrapped up our first week of our new curriculum talking about animal habitats. In circle time, we learned about the different places animals live. We talked about the similarities […]

Quiet Day

>Today we were missing three of our friends, so I kept noticing how quiet it was. We played again in our “clean” mud. Katie said it was “soggy”…good word! Jaden […]

Clean Mud

> Today was a BEAUTIFUL day for playing outside. I LOVE the way the trees cover the play yard like a tent . It is so peaceful. Randy added a […]


>Today was a busy day! Whew! Nothing too special, just alot going on it seemed. Some of the children finished creating the ducks we started yesterday afternoon. Mrs. Debbie has […]

Summer Preschool?!?

>Our first day of summer session was wonderful. It took some adjustment to the idea that 6 of our friends were not coming through the door today, that they did […]

Last Day

>Today we visited the kindergarten. It was interesting to see the children’s looks full of excitement and maybe even a little anxiety as they toured the school. They were told […]

Coke Rocket

>Today we had fun celebrating that this was our next to last day in school. We have been talking a lot about what kindergarten will be like and the friends […]

This Weather

>This weather is driving my sinus’ crazy and I think I am getting a cold.  I know – whine whine whine. This is not the time of year that I […]