Jack and the Bean Stalk

>Today has been hectic. I thought yesterday would be crazy since it was our first day without Mrs. Beth’s help, but it was relatively calm. I am just guessing this is because we had fewer transitions yesterday and more outside play. Today we stayed on schedule! Well… if you count the fact that we were […]

Snow White and the 7 Dwarfs

>Today was such a beautiful morning that we couldnt pull ourselves off the play ground! We had BREAKFAST OUTSIDE! The kids loved it. We had granola bars and they just kept right on playing and munching. I know… probably not the most sanitary way to feed but it was fun for them and made a […]

A Day of First

>Today was our first day painting ! The kids LOVED the easel. REMINDER….. wear junk clothes. We wear smocks but somehow they always get it on them. Today was our first Muffin Tin Monday. Each Monday we serve finger foods in a muffin tin. Today was our first day to write in journals. We will […]

Friday Wrap up!

>Today has been a regular day. We still had the two children that are having a hard time struggle a little as they came in but quickly recovered. We added one today. This precious little girl is the classic text book child. Most children don’t get too upset until the 2nd or 3rd day when […]

2nd Day is a Charm

>Wow, i am totally blown away by the wonderful day that we have had. By 8 am everyone that was a little uneasy about coming in had calmed down and began to play. During circle time most of the children participated . There was singing and dancing. As I looked around the room , I […]

First Day Jitters

>We had a great first day today getting to know each other and exploring all our cool play spaces. Below you will find many pictures but only a small fraction of what I took. We read ” Llama Llama Misses Momma.” ” The latest installment of Anna Dewdney’s popular Llama Llama series of books is […]

Curriculum Blog Hopping

>A friend sent me an email about a NOT Back TO School Blog Hop and I thought it would be fun. Each week we will explore different things. This week is CURRICULUM! So hold on to your britches as I try to explain what I plan to do. I think first it would be best […]

Getting Ready For The New Year

>The ten week summer session is over and Beth did a wonderful job while i was gone. I learned so much about her and about myself over the summer. I will start with her…. A. She is very witty and quick. I like that!B. She is a paranoid freak… made my summer a little easier. […]

Until Next Time…

>I cannot believe that ten weeks has passed by so quickly! It seems like only yesterday I was trying to remember the children’s names and they were showing me how Mrs. Debbie and Mr. Randy do things at school. I have to express my overwhelming gratitude to Debbie and Randy for opening up their hearts […]

Last week of summer preschool!

>This is our last week of the summer session; August 19th will be the start of the new school year, both for the kindergartners and the preschoolers. We have had such a fun summer that I cannot believe that has been 10 weeks already…time sure flies when you are having fun like we have at […]