Little Jack Who?

>We have a new rhyming game today. When I checked with the kindergarten teacher that has several of my kiddos and asked her what she thought I might need to work more on – the only thing she could think of was rhyming. Rhyming pictures to be exact- since they cant read. With me not […]

Fun FREEZING Friday!

>Today Mrs. Debbie was headed to Little Rock for a meeting, but I got to come play with my favorite group of kids! It was too cold too go outside, so we enjoyed lots of fun activities inside. We made a Christmas tree with three of our favorite ingredients: sugar cones, green frosting and M […]

And let the Christmas crafts begin!

> I am not a big fan of teacher directed art but sometimes it is ok, fun and a great way to do assessments. I drew lines on the green sheets of paper and the kids were cutting on the lines to make a tree. I did this in small groups so I could see […]

Kid are so funny…

> Rock, Scissors, Paper ” Hi , my name is Anna and I don’t speak English.” Debbie ‘ You dont? ” No.. I only say dos.” Debbie- What does that mean? ” Two.” The successful unwrapping of the little presents. Making wreaths. We painted them yesterday and told tore and crunched up red paper to […]

Wreaths of Green

> Some days, I just want to strangle Randy. Then there are days like today when Rosanna came in not having so great a morning and he was able to turn her frown… upside down, that I remember how well we balance each other out. I am a lot of things, but silly isn’t one […]

Mom’s scrapbooking night

> I have always said when I die I want ” memory maker” on my tombstone. If you lose every thing you still have the memories that no one can take away. Tonight the moms of my friends ( the preschoolers ) came over to hang out and scrapbook their child’s memories they have made […]

Blah – hum bug

>Ok, I am having an off day.. or the kids.. or the health dept lady. One of us for sure! No really, I am not in too bad of a funk. Let me explain. The day started off with a new black backdrop for our art work display not going up like I thought it […]

Thanksgiving Feast Fun

> We had such a great day today ! We have 16 little reasons to be thankful.

Almost Turkey Day!

> You know normally the children are divided into two groups and they each go out for an hour at a time . While one group is out the other group is doing circle time and eating. If you havent noticed it is cooler outside. Randy is really freezing doing two straight hours. Since I […]

P is for Pilgrim

> I love it when I see my little friends pretending to be teachers.Kynley checking out the Indian Corn we popped in the microwave. Audrey found a new use for the plant that Clara gave us. She was taking little animals and pretending they were in a jungle. Very clever… Our art portfolio’s are getting […]