Another Dog, really?

>We are out of school until the 4th of January but I am hoping my preschool friends are still checking this ever once in a while. I have news! Remember the Pomeranian… ? I let him out to potty last Friday morning and he disappeared. Long story – short he ended up at my sister […]

Polar Express PJ Day

>A day of highs and lows – The day started with the children being greeted to the room looking a little ” different”. We had the two long tables end to end and chairs on either side. Like a train… ( follow me here.. ) On the table was a ticket to ride the Polar […]

A Special Visitor

> Cute little snowman ornaments we made today. The white part is fingers, can you tell? We also decorated fun foam gingerbread babies after reading ” The Gingerbread Baby” by Jan Brett. We did the ” Gingerbread Man” when we had a unit on fairy tales . We will also visit one of the Gingerbread […]

Jingle Bells

> Mrs. Beth has hung out with us a little today . My dad is still very weak and my mother had chemotherapy and was afraid to leave him alone. Randy is his best bud and Beth was off, so this was an easy fix. Please continue to pray for my parents and their health. […]

Get well Soon friends !

> Many of our friends are home sick today. FIVE are out! They seem to be feeling ok but running low grade temps. Sharae ( above )was feeling ok but “playing dead.” Jaden showing the kids how it is done! Katie… quiet as a mouse. Jaden’s 5th birthday was today so her mom came and […]

Monday Monday…

> Mr Randy is known for encouraging the children to try new foods. Today he had a bell pepper. After the kids tried it he wrote on the board who liked it. Sometimes he is a pretty smart guy. Combining lunch and literacy… who would have thought ! Over the weekend I did some Christmas […]

Salt Dough Ornaments

> We found ICE outside. We play while we learn. More ornament making! They love these little scratch activities and well… it looks like a pencil grip. Sneaky huh? A little elf snuck back in from yesterday… who could that be? Clara’s mom, Jessica, came to help the children paint salt dough ornaments today. I […]

Flu Shots? Really?

> Today has been eventful. I put out clay this morning for the kids. Modeling clay is a little harder for the kids to manipulate. I heard several of the kiddos say ” Someone left this playdoh’s lid off, it’s hard.” Jaden ended up tearing hers in pieces and making and L . She was […]

Calling Santa

> Did you know we practice our math skills when we are putting our toys away. Sorting by one or more attributes is a math skill ! We sort all over the rooms. You have to admit when you look at our room it is fairly clean most of the time and everything is in […]

Cause we’ll have fun fun fun….

> Clara playing at the water table . Notice the water is now red…. no sense teaching colors with flashcards ! There is also a little duck with a santa hat on. Playing with the leapfrog and watching the rain. A game the girls made. Check out the names and the lines ! They would […]