Tortilla Snowflakes

>Breakfast this morning was snowflakes! Oh… I know all the snow is gone from NW Arkansas , but we made our own. We took small tortilla and folded them and pinched off pieces. When they opened , they looked like snowflakes. After that we fried them and the kids sprinkled powdered sugar on top. ( […]

Winter starts with W

>WE WERE ABLE TO RUN OUR REGULAR SCHEDULE TODAY WITH ONE HOUR OUTDOOR PLAY FOR EACH GROUP! YAYAYAYYA!~ I can’t tell you how much easier that makes our day. We made WINTER trees today. It have us the opportunity to remember what the trees looked like in the summer when we came to school. Then […]


> With the cold weather brings ” colds” . That means runny noses and sneezing. Surprisingly enough, I think everyone is very healthy right now. Today we read ” Achoo” about a penguin that has a cold. It offered us the opportunity to talk about covering sneezes and washing hands. Some of us made snowman […]

This is COLD!~

>The “musical ice cube ” game was one of the kids favorite activities today. We sat in a circle and passed an ice cube . When the music was playing ( the song HOT HOT HOT!) we passed the ice. When it stopped that person held the ice cube in their hands. After a while, […]

Back At Last

> Back at Last – I know that is how a lot of you are feeling right now as you enjoy that quiet , peaceful solitude at home ( Well, maybe not Ellen since Anna was not here today! ) I too, am so glad we are back at last. I missed my little buddies […]

Play date

>When we got up today we knew there was a huge chance we would have no children. The streets are a little icy and school is out. ( This would be a great time to remind you how much I LOVE working at home… ) Jaden came in around 8:00 and since there was no […]

Welcome winter

> We started off our day making a little something for the birds. I had cut out the word WELCOME on poster board and the kids help me string it and cover each letter with glue. Then we proceeded to make a yummy welcome sign for the birds that visit our play ground and might […]

Fireplace anyone?

> We decided since it was so cold outside today to make a fire place for the dress up room. The kids worked hard on it. They tore red, yellow and orange crepe paper to make the fire. When we were finished Whitlee wanted to know what we were going to make the logs out […]

Winter Wonderland

>What a fun day! We are back in school. Only 8 children showed up today. We have enjoyed playing. We also went for a walk in the snow. We were actually on a icicle hunt and boy did we find some! We also made snow cream today. If you want to know how- look here. […]

Good Bye Fred

> Good Bye Fred Today has been an emotional rollercoaster ( of sorts – maybe that was a little dramatic ) for me. First there was the pomerian that showed up in our house a couple weeks ago. Then it left…. it was meant to be. Long story…. ( I have copied and pasted this […]