Soup’r Spaghetti?

Today was a little hectic but family engagement activities are always worth it.  We had mom’s and dad’s and grandma’s.  We didn’t do soup as we planned because we had an abundance of spaghetti  ( like a serious abundance from an event last night.)  These days make me smile. This is what it is all […]

What Is An Illustrator?

Today we added art to the book we wrote yesterday . We were reminded what an illustrator is . We really looked at the words on the page to decide what the picture should be.   I let each child make their own final decision about what they thought would be best.   We have […]

Making Art Meaningful

Continuing our thoughts from last week I wondered as the teacher how to tie this all together.   They love telling stories. They love art. They love music.  I want them to see how it takes a lot of pieces pull a puppet show or something like that together. Today we started a story. Each […]


This morning we had a few melt downs and a little craziness .  So much to the point when a mom left she said ” Have a mediocre day ! ”  LOL ! Well, we totally lived up to that .  I sometimes laugh and say ”  It was  a good day. There was no […]

Christmas is Coming 2017

Christmas erasers to match, sort, stack , count and pattern become much more fun when they are stored in a tiny cute basket .   I put this together last night.  I got the metal tree form at Goodwill for 2.00.   I wasn’t sure what I would do with it.  As I walked through […]

Catch Up

Yesterday was an incredibly busy day. It was wonderful for a lot of reasons  but busy. Ms Emma from the UK came to visit us and stayed all day. She was even gracious enough to bring our parents a ” spot of tea ”  and some of them  grabbed some hot water and enjoyed it […]


Since we are such a TRADITIONAL preschool today we taught something a little more innovative and fun.  We all did the cha cha slide . 🙂 We also played a language game.  I would show the children a picture and then ask W questions  about the picture ? The idea of the game is to […]

Parent Conferences

Parent Conferences are required by Arkansas Better Chance funding.   What should happen at an ideal parent-teacher conference? Ideally , the conference should just feel like a conversation between the parents and the teacher.   We all talk every day but this is an opportunity to get past the day to day chit chat to […]

Creative Art

I have been seeing some really amazing art pieces !   I haven’t ” taught ” them to draw.  I only supply materials and LOTS AND LOTS of time. COPIED from   Characteristics of process-focused art experiences • There are no step-by-step instructions • There is no sample for children to follow • There […]

Taking Risks

  Today one of the littles came up to me and said ” We made a trampoline. ”  Hmm.. You did?   What did you make it from ?   She replied a board.  I said ” does it bounce up and down ? ” She said , it does a little… come see. As […]