Rainy days and Coconuts

Today was kind of a slow day at preschool. We have three friends out sick and it is raining. The mixture of those two makes for a very unusually calm day.  You know how it rains and we sometimes say ” the rain just makes me want to snuggle up and sleep all day?”  I […]

Well Hello Spring! and HEEELLLLOOOO park day!

As the kids came in this morning I knew the weather was going to be beautiful and I was thinking a park reward day was just what we needed.  Since parents fill out the permission slip at orientation that says ” we are aware that Bright Beginnings takes spontaneous walking field trips” off we went. […]

Not a BAAAAAAD .. day

I am blogging a day late. After you have been married for at least ten years you know you spouse well enough to know that you will have to wait as he meanders through the house for two hours and you will sit and wait. So… Having so much to do last night I opted […]

Polar Animals

Today we started exploring polar animals a little .  I love putting new things on the tables and watching them explore and decide how to use them.                               Just from this picture alone there are so many opportunities to teach concepts […]

Is it spring or winter ?

The weather has NOT cooperated this week in being a teaching aid for my winter unit.   But THATS OK! I WILL TAKE IT! One of the activities we did today was exploring curved and straight lines .  All letters are comprised of a straight line, a curved line or a combination of the two. […]

Creepy Snowmam

We finished the snowmen that were started yesterday.                                                             I texted a picture of them to Beth with an explanation that said ” Reminder – I […]

Our Program is Tonight

Wasn’t the weather amazing today?                                         The girls were infatuated with looking like mommies today.                                         William […]

Gingerbread House Contruction times TWO

Today was gingerbread house construction time.  First Danielle made the BIG house as a group project. This provided them the opportunity to practice with a lot of help before tackling their own smaller house.                                           […]

Group Art ?

Patterning is an important math skill for kids.  Is it important in preschool .. maybe not but if they can ” get it ” why not ?  I especially like to pattern with real objects like shoes or stuffed animals but in my dinosaur box was a patterning game.  It had little toy dinosaurs so […]

JackoLantern Carving

This morning was so good it was almost eerie.   Have you ever been in a room that is normally full of noise and bustle and realized it was quiet and thought wow… something is going on here.  I guess the children were all just settled and content today.             […]