Pets !

I would love for someone to do a study on why kids love to act like cats and dogs.  There is rarely a day goes by that there are not two or three kids walking by led by their ” owner” and pretending to be a cat or a dog.  They love to pretend to […]

Not a BAAAAAAD .. day

I am blogging a day late. After you have been married for at least ten years you know you spouse well enough to know that you will have to wait as he meanders through the house for two hours and you will sit and wait. So… Having so much to do last night I opted […]

Pets !

> With this fish in a bowl game the kids rolled a dice and did some addition and subtraction. Jodie had a funny story about Dillion. She said he has all the fish sitting upright on the page and one fell over. He said ” Well , that one is dead.” Kids say the funniest […]

Company in town

>This will be a short blog as I have company in town and I have waited until everyone is in bed to post. My cousin Barbara and her husband Larry are here . They live in Brinkley. We have had a great time look at old pictures and videos of my mom and dad. I […]

A New Friend !

> Can someone turn on the heat please ! It is SO cold outside today! Even in the freezing temperatures we had a brave new friend start school with us today. The little girl with Malia in the picture below is Andrea. Andrea is Daniel’s cousin. Andrea is taking Danny’s place. I love watching the […]