Sink or Float ?

We did our first science experience today.  It seemed only fitting to do a ” sink or float ” experience since we are talking about pirates sailing on the sea !  I let the first group find one toy or item from the playroom to try and wouldnt you know.. they all came back with […]

Shhh.. its a secret !

We spent part of our day working on a secret project for Mothers Day.   This is all you get to see of it  ! I want to take a moment too to say how much you should cherish your moms !  I lost my mother two years ago last week.  I know we say […]

More Eric Carle

Today in circle time we read ” The Very Quiet Cricket .”  This book is a predictable text book. Predictable books along with shared reading are often recommended as a way to introduce beginning learners to the feeling of being a reader (Holdaway, 1979). Predictable texts help children very quickly come to think of themselves […]

FCCRS Review in !

I heard my email DING on my phone this morning and saw it was from ASU.  Immediately I grabbed my lap top knowing that I was seconds away from finding out how well we did on our annual  review.  I think I even felt my heart race a little in anticipation of the ” reveal.” […]


Parent Teacher conferences this morning starting at 7:30.  Always a fun time to be able to look at the numbers from the Dial Three in the fall and compare them to now. There is so much learning going on that you never see but the scores on the assessments show you what we really do […]

Top O’ the Morning to Ya Lassie !

Today was the beginning of a very busy fun week.  As the kids came in they began to notice all the GREEN around the room.  Obviously our color focus this week will be green. I can’t wait to read the book ” Little Yellow, Little Blue” that tells the story of how green is made […]

Wrapping up the Week

I love having parents around during free play in the morning .  It is great for them to see what we do each day and how many learning materials the children are exposed to throughout the day.  I especially love it when Ashley comes to play since she is going to school to be a […]

Owls !

Much of our fun today was a top secret disguised assessment.   We made owl puppets. I was able to check for proper pencil grip and cutting skills.  Bonus was being able to talk about owls that live in the woods !                       When your […]

The Foot Book and Ten Apples Up On Top

Today we read ” The Foot Book” .  After reading the book we colored a foot and cut it out.  Most of our friends are cutting pretty well.  Your child’s foot should be in their cubby take a look at it and see how their cutting skills are coming along.  We also found out that […]

Puzzle Time

                    This is a group that happens to LOVE puzzles and they are very good at it.                     Today we worked on 12 piece puzzles.   Immediately I heard some… ” I can’t’s” or ” I don’t […]