Emergency ! Emergency !

> It is hard to explain to kids why rolling on the ground helps put out the fire if they ever catch on fire. So, today we did this little science experiment. I lit a candle and talked about how it is getting air so the flame stays big. Then I placed a plate over […]

Hurry Hurry Drive the Fire Truck

> This week we are learning about ” People that Keep us Safe in Our Community”. When I asked the kids who they think keeps us safe , they typically said ” mom and dad.” I think that is a pretty fair answer ! Today we focused on fire fighters in anticipation of our trip […]

Monday Monday…

>Today has been a hectic day. I know the parents noticed the VOLUME level in our room today was UP LOUD! Wow… very loud. The whole day has been like that . Is it possible to love your job but still look forward to the end of the day on some days? 🙂 Today we […]