Roar !

If I could stand at the top of a mountain and ROAR how wonderful my parents are I would gladly do that ! This morning I noticed several parents just hanging out . That is more the norm this year than not.  My goal this year has been to include more parent involvement in our […]

Monkey Bread !

I usually blog when the kids are napping .Today as I was getting my pictures together I thought ” Debbie ! You plan your busiest days when Dallas is not here.  Are you CRAZY!  Randy and I are used to working alone but I need to remember to save the high energy days for when […]

Its a Jungle Out There

When the kids came in this morning they saw pieces of a jungle all over the room . They saw palm trees hanging from the ceiling. They saw monkeys hanging from the loft and many other items of wonder throughout the rooms. Julia saw a picture of the giraffe costume that I posted last night […]

Five Little Monkeys

FIve LIttle Monkeys Jumpin On The Bed One Fell Off and Bumped His Head Momma Called the Doctor and The Doctor Said NO MORE MONKEY JUMPIN ON THE BED!   This was our favorite story today.  It is a great story for counting and talking about natural consequences.  If you jump on the bed.. you […]

Friday Flick- Jungle style

> Today was our last day on the jungle unit. We have had a lot of fun exploring animals that live in the jungle . Early this morning we read ” Good Night Gorilla” and afterwards had a special visitor ! A GORILLA!!! His teeth looked a little mean.. so I warned the children ahead […]


> On days it is raining outside we add a little more gross motor play like this fun jungle toss. Ever feel like there was a monkey on your back ? Five little monkeys jumping on the bed. We can practice our writing with fun cards that have words on them. Roar like a lion […]

Hakuna Matada !

> Everywhere you looked there were wild jungle animals today! This game that Malia is playing is called ” Hanging Monkeys.” You roll the dice and add or take away monkeys as the dice calls for. You have to balance them . The green tree top is only held on by a magnet. Andrea returned […]

Its a jungle out there!

> Today we started talking about animals that live in the jungle. When I say the words ” theme teaching ” I cringe. I need you to understand that my goal is not teach the kids all they can learn about jungle animals so that when you visit the zoo they can spill it all […]