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Category: Art

Last Friday Dance Party !

Published on May 11, 2012 under Art
We spent time practicing for our program tomorrow !       We made tissue paper collages like Eric Carle.   We drew marvelous pictures on the sidewalks. We had a visitor for lunch. We…
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Shoo Fly Don’t Bother Me

Published on May 2, 2012 under Art
This morning I met the kids outside.  There was a nice breeze blowing and it felt wonderful.  As I sat out there waiting on the first child to arrive I thought " how blessed am…
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Mary Mary Quite Contrary

Published on April 11, 2012 under Art
An art project we did today turned out fabulous!   The spring flowers are so beautiful !     The kids made their snack today!                    …
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Beautiful Trees

Published on April 10, 2012 under Art
Today has been a good day. It was a day of dropsies though - have you ever had one of those ? First a child dropped the milk and spilled it . ( No big…
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Wrapping up MLK Day

Published on January 20, 2012 under Art
Remember the brown paint we created yesterday ?   Today we turned that into amazing Martin Luther King. This is called teacher directed art. The kids didnt walk over to the easel and say "…
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Busy Beautiful Day

Published on January 19, 2012 under A is for apple
Our day started off great with Macus,  Kingston's dad stopping in to read a story. Those are always great times as friends meet a mom or dad and the child learns to share a parent…
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