Z plane Z plane

> Ok, if you aren’t alteast my age you probably dont even get that joke in the subject line. When I was a little girl I would watch ” Fantasy Island ” and Tatoo would yell ” Z Plane , Z Plane.” Anyway…. Today we started talking about things that travel in the air. Only […]

Calm Down… Calm Down

>Today we revisited our exciting day yesterday. I had planned to go on to planes but we had so much fun yesterday I wanted to continue to draw from it’s energy. We read an emergent reader book called ” I Can Go” . The kids had fun coloring the pages after we read it. ( […]

Who works on a car?

> I am actually starting the post with yesterday’s snack. It was a do it yourself snack ! The kids took a glob of peanut butter and spread it then added a strawberry slice, a banana and a slice of green apple to make a stoplight. The kids loved it ! Today I found my […]


>Another great day. This will be a short post . I am headed out to take Mom to the doctor and Jodie is on her way in. ( I cant even begin to tell you how much I appreciate Jodie filling in for me and making it easier for me to be with mom.) We […]

China, friends and hearing!

>Today we did friendship paintings. I introduced “Allie” a new puppet with the social and emotional development program I am using right now. We also had a friend with the Al’s Pals program come to visit today- Mrs. Angie. The children were paired up and asked to work together to paint a picture. It was […]

Polar Bear

>Today we read ” Three Snow Bears” by Jan Brett. It wasn’t long tonight the book before several of the kids starting saying ” this is like Goldilocks!” And.. it is. After reading the book at lunch we talked about the ways the books were different. Some of the answers we came up with are: […]