Busy Beautiful Day

Our day started off great with Macus,  Kingston’s dad stopping in to read a story. Those are always great times as friends meet a mom or dad and the child […]

From Hot Springs With Love

Today while I was learning how to make the world a better place for our children                             […]

The Chef Is In

                                                  I just arrived in Hot […]

Lots of Learning going on !

> Stringing red and green beads onto pipe cleaners. We talked about making a pattern but I didnt insist that they do it ” my way “.  How many apples […]

Can I have this group every year?

> Look what Jaxson was drawing !  I see lots of shapes and body parts! LETTERS! This is one of the new table activities I put out today.  I saw […]

Apples , Apples , Apples

> How many apples in the tree?Can you count them 1 , 2 ,3 .How many green ones?How many red?Now eat an apple and go to bed. Today a couple […]

Homemade apple sauce anyone?

>Today we made home- made applesauce. As the kids were coming in I was sitting at their table paring apples. They loved watching me core the apples. Then, we put […]

Red or Green?

> Today has been a normal day. Some of the fun we had: Randy put together a floor puzzle with some of the kids. We stamped red CIRCLES ( apples […]

File Folders Going Home

>Today we have explored apples more. We did a sink and float activity . Do you think an apple sinks or floats? Do you remember bobbing for apples when you […]

Apples , Apples , Apples

>Today we kicked off a unit on apples. A is for Apple !!!! We decided to walk to IGA and explore the store for things that are made of apples, […]