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Published on November 14, 2019 under Winter

Yesterday the last thing Debby Cryer said before she left was ” I notice your kids have such confidence.” I agree. Some may have extra confidence but that isn’t always a bad thing.

Confidence – a feeling of self-assurance arising from one’s appreciation of one’s own abilities or qualities.

How do we ” teach” confidence ?

I’m not sure that we teach confidence so much- but perhaps allow it to grow. I think confidence is in everyone. For many small children that confidence is squashed by control of adults. For others, it might be that they aren’t given the opportunity to try and fail and succeed.

At Bright Beginnings we believe children are capable. We expect them to clean up after themselves.

We expect them to self soothe ( to an extent .)

We celebrate when they can accomplish new tasks …

Zipping coats and turning arms right side out is a good place to start.

Even though it might take longer.

We listen to them …. listening promotes power.

So no , we don’t teach confidence we just assist each child in finding their own little super hero.


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