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Spiders and Dinosaurs

Published on May 6, 2019 under Winter

Today was a normal day. Some of the children noticed a few games that were given to me for Preston. One of the boxes was a floor puzzle of a dinosaur. There was much excitement surrounding that box. It was not an easy puzzle. The first group of four that worked on the puzzle spent more than an hour putting it together. The skills they portrayed were amazing. Trying to decide which pieces fit where and working together with style. Did you hear me say they worked in one spot for more than an hour?

The puzzle work was paused for a while as one of the boys moved the stool to prop the box up. A spider ran from behind the stool and immediately the children were intrigued. Some of the children wanted it to be put outside or in the trash while others were waiting for the kill. None of them had shoes on so they had to decide how to take care of the spider without getting hurt. Eventually, the dirty deed was done and everyone was safe.

Can you tell we talked about Mother’s Day today ?

Not only are the children ready for the things they won’t be needing to do in kindergarten but they are confident. Today Olivia said ” Watch how fast I can put this puzzle together. ” It’s no longer watch me put the puzzle together but watch how fast I can do it.

It’s pretty amazing to sit back and watch their growth.


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