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So Much Energy

Published on May 10, 2019 under Winter

These kids have so much energy this week. They are like little ants scampering around everywhere. Even though they are busy we still see great learning happening.

The children finished their Mother’s Day present. On the box they drew a picture of their mom with them.

Inside is a special gift that I hope you treasure.

Here is a copy of the words – Incase they are too small to read on the keychain.

Please excuse a few of the boxes that have been changed from 2018 to 19 because their teacher brain is on overload and forgot you what year was 😳

Then there’s Scarlett who has learned how to tie her shoes and got a dollar from Mr. Randy . It’s a tradition!

Olivia asked me to read a book. The children love this book that is a lot like the” no no David” book it’s called my “No No No Day.” We extended the learning after reading it multiple times today and I asked Olivia to use the mirror and mimic the facial expressions she saw a little more on the book.

Kinsley turn four today. There’s something about a birthday that makes you feel confident and special enough to read a story to your friends. ❤️.

I hope your Mother’s Day weekend is awesome. Many of you made our week special with special treats for teacher appreciation week.

I hope you enjoyed our treats to you today.

It is so wonderful to be thought of !


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