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Published on May 13, 2019 under Winter

Today was our national accreditation visit. Miss Kay showed up at 7:30 on the dot at the front door. From that time on she watched everything we did, she listened to everything we said, and wrote much of it down. For the first time in a long time, I felt very little stress because I finally am to the point that I do me. If it’s not good enough then I have other things to learn but for that day I have to be genuine.

Interesting backstory on this case. She hasn’t done one of these for many years but took this job because it was in Siloam Springs. Through one of those genetic kits she found out that her birth dad lived in Siloam . He help to rebuild siloam after the flood. So for her this visit was two fold. Interesting ..

It was a normal day. Maybe we read more than usual – I don’t know. Some days we read all day long as kids bring books to us . Some days we don’t. Part of the process was there had to be 15 minutes total of reading. You know some books only take two minutes to read. So we had to make sure that throughout the day we had that time in

At the end there was an interview session and they asked questions like are you connected to the early learning community and how do you stay informed ? I thought that was funny

Other things that happened to the day – The kids decided they can make me fly through the air if they all stood on the end of the board. I would say their estimation skills were a little off

And just in case things weren’t busy enough the food program came for a visit today too.

I do think we passed unless there’s some big surprise that I am not aware of. It’ll be six weeks at least before we hear anything so now we wait.


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