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My Kind of House

Published on May 3, 2019 under Winter

Sometimes the way kids talk and think cracks me up.

O- Miss Debbie why is there a house in your school?

Me- because I live here and I also have a school

O-Then it must be called a school house.

j- we are planting vegetables at my house so we have a farmhouse.

O- Well we have a dog so I must have a doghouse.

We got to see community helpers in action today as our new neighbors furniture was unloading from a moving van.

The children ask lots of questions and the nice trucker gave them each a truckers card much like a baseball trading card

This is the time of year when we see little personalities really bloom and children begin to test their independence. As a teacher it’s both exhilarating and hard to watch because many times we are on the opposite end of that risky behavior . It’s not a bad thing. They are doing what we have told them or year just without our support now. Kindergarten ready !


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