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Like An Old Quilt

Published on May 2, 2019 under Winter

Most of our days are like an old quilt lovingly pieced together with different fabrics gently woven into a masterpiece. Every day the children show us what excitement there is to discover and the learning that takes place as they play and grow in so many ways. I love the days that start with breakfast on the porch . It’s just a good feeling in my gut that says you’re doing it right

I continue to add different ideas that I find here and there. The children use this potato pillar to strip stems . The smell is amazing and the fine motor practice was on point.

They are still enjoying the soap activity that is also promoting fine motor. This type of activity build muscles in the shoulder which are important as the control works its way down the arm to be able to hold a pencil.

I mean, you can’t deny their abilities and creativeness when such an exquisite picture is gifted to you of yourself.

The boards were moved out accidentally . We moved them back in and the children just found their Groove for using them again. Such great structures.

And then the day after the rain there’s also the mud.

But more than anything else you just see Joy


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