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Published on April 29, 2019 under Winter

There is a lot of talk about kindergarten.

This time of year is always a little nerve-racking for me. Have I provided enough provocations? Have I introduced enough tools to hone their fine motor skills? Have we read enough? Have we talked enough ? But then you see things like this.

To show you the difference here is a picture Of a first year preschooler and her need to write- but not quite there yet with letter formation . It will come. It will come without work sheets or tracing lines. Trust the process of natural child development.

The boys don’t tend to sit down and just write letters or make books so I introduced a couple new things to them today that would encourage them to work on fine motor skills.

Today we read “The Important Thing ” book. It says things like an apple is red and we eat it but the most important thing is it is round. Another page might say the sky is blue and has clouds in it but the most important thing is it’s always there. Or, a shoe can tie but the most important thing is they go on your feet. I loved exploring the book with the children to find out why they thought the author chose those words. Why is it important that an apple is round? Why is important that shoes go on feet? What if we wore shoes on our hands? We then transitioned to the most important thing about each child. I would point out things that are true about a child and then ask them what their most important thing is they want people to know. These were the things they said :

Maybelle – help take care of my sister

Jude – I want to play with people

Savanna – people love me

Leavie – I love my mommy and daddy

Finn – I play with everybody

Maddox – I like people

Scarlett O – that I’m silly

Elliette- make and draw stuff

Scarlett T – I love to go camping

Olivia – I like to color

Ariah – I like to play

Outside – I continue to get help weeding the garden by the back door and laying mulch . We also moved our block box that accidentally got moved to the backyard back to the front. As Olivia said… Teamwork is more fun.

The kids are still enjoying the butterfly garden

I added an insect hotel today.

I love spring and being able to give a fresh look at our space.


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