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Stories and Pie

Published on March 14, 2019 under Winter

Today is National Storytelling Day. I hope you tell stories to your child. You can tell them real stories from your childhood or when they were born. You can make up stories. Today we had a little of both.

Also today was National Pi ( pie) day . So of course we made pies.

Emotions have been very big and loud in our rooms this week. I’ve even heard a lot of yelling ” YOU ARE DIPPING MY BUCKET.” We always see changes in children this time of year as they become more autonomous and find their big voice. Between that and daylight savings time I’m just going to say – YEEE HAAA. for spring break.

One really cute thing that happened today was Scarlett found a classmade book from last year and found the page she contributed.

She decided being older she could do better.

She made a revision and taped it in the book. Smart girl.

Tomorrow is a new day.


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