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How We Roll

Published on March 1, 2019 under Winter

Today started out pretty normal . You know boys pretending to be Ninjas.

Then they wanted to make ninja masks. Well … what does that look like ? What do we need ? Let’s google it.

Hmm. ” Do you have a hole punch ?” Yes ! Yes , I do.

Hey …. maybe let’s not cut the paper while it’s against our face. We might lose a nose 👃🏽 🤷🏻‍♀️

You are using white paper. Will your masks be white or colored ?

Finally after a lot of measuring , cutting , hole punching , laughing and coloring they did make their own ninja masks !

Yes , we could have just colored a picture of a ninja but instead we became ninjas. This is so much more powerful !!

Great job boys.

Are you confused as to how this is “learning ?” Below I have listed all the Arkansas Early Learning standards this child-led activity met. Wowzers. The kids plan is always better than mine.

MT1. Number Concepts and Operations

MT3. Measurement and Comparison

MT3.1. Participates in exploratory measurement activities and compares objects

MT4. Geometry and Spatial Sense

MT4.1. Explores and describes shapes and spatial relationships

ST1. Scientific Practices

ST3.3 Engages in developmentally appropriate interactions with technology and media that support creativity, exploration, and play

Social Studies

SS1. Family, Community, and Culture

SS1.1 Demonstrates positive connection to family and community

CA2. Visual Arts

CA2.1 Explores, manipulates, creates, and responds to a variety of art media

CA3. Drama

CA3.1 Explores feelings, relationships, and concepts through imitation, pretend play, and sociodramatic play

SE1. Relationships with Others

SE1.1 Forms trusting relationships with nurturing adults SE1.2 Interacts with peers

SE2. Emotional Expression and Understanding

SE2.1 Experiences, expresses, and regulates a range of emotions SE2.2 Interprets and responds to the feelings of others

SE3. Self-Awareness and Self-Concept

SE3.1 Shows awareness of self as unique individual SE3.2 Demonstrates competence and confidence

Cognitive Development

CD1. Approaches to Learning

CD1.1 Shows curiosity and a willingness to try new things CD1.2 Shows persistence in approaching tasks

CD2. Executive Function

CD2.1 Focuses and sustains attention

CD2.2 Shows flexibility in adjusting thinking and behavior to different contexts CD2.3 Regulates impulses and behaviors

CD2.4 Holds and manipulates information in memory

CD3. Logic and Reasoning

CD3.1 Uses reasoning and planning ahead to solve problems and reach goals CD3.2 Engages in symbolic and abstract thinking

Physical Development and Health

PH1. Gross Motor

PH1.1 Demonstrates locomotor skills

PH1.2 Shows stability and balance

PH1.3 Demonstrates gross-motor manipulative skills

PH2. Fine Motor

PH2.1 Demonstrates fine-motor strength, control, and coordination PH2.2 Adjusts grasp and coordinates movements to use tools

PH3. Health and Well-Being

PH3.2 Shows awareness of safe behavior

PH3.3 Engages in a variety of developmentally appropriate physical activities

Language Development

LD1. Receptive Language

LD1.1. Understands and responds to language (in child’s home language)

LD2. Expressive Language

LD2.1. Uses increasingly complex vocabulary, grammar, and sentence structure (in child’s home language)

LD3. Communication Skills

LD3.1. Communicates using social and conversational rules


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