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Let’s Go Outside

Published on February 4, 2019 under Winter

Kids love to play outside! And teachers love outdoor time, too. It’s a relaxing, stress reducing, tension relieving part of the day, and the time when much development and learning take place.

Physical development is evident outdoors is children learn about their body is in space, but this important physical skills, and exercise and strengthen muscles. Children also learn social skills – corporation, turn taking, being on a team. And kids learn about the world around them: they observe changes in plants and the difference between the seasons; they watch living things such as worms and crickets; they learn about the earth by collecting rocks and leaves.

The outdoor area is an extension of the classroom. We plan for this part of the day just as we do for other parts of the daily routine.

The environment includes loose parts and equipment that helps encourage learning . For example , the stamps and long boards help children develop their motor skills and gain judgment about what they can safely do; trikes and other riding toys develop balance and coordination; the sand and dirt area is used for creating and for exploring the properties of wet and dry.

The time spent outside is a valuable part of our daily schedule. I am thankful to have a family childcare home where our outside time does not depend on others using the space. We are not limited to the one hour a day scheduled. With that said, today was a fabulous day to be outside.

You should know we did do a little ” learning inside before we came out. I introduced the February calendar and we counted down to Valentine’s Day. We talked briefly about the letters L and V.

We made hearts and some kitties decided to write I love you.


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