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Robbers Are Real

Published on January 8, 2019 under Winter

Quite quickly this morning I figured out where much of my time would be spent. There was a small group of children wrapping crepe paper around each other while playing cops and robbers. I asked the question what does that mean? What does it mean to rob ? What do you think robbers look like ? We looked it up on the website and things got busy quickly .( Just a little side note here. When I google things like this I always check the result before sharing with the children. I do not want to pass along stereotypes so I wanted to make sure the picture was ok. I explained to Holly that I wanted this to be a w h i t e – spelled out with letters -robber. This is just my preference in promoting equality. Five minutes later Maybelle said ” I’m gonna be a white robber .” WHAT ???i guess I better stop spelling things I don’t want children to understand )

I was asked the question “are robbers real? ” We decided together that they are. So signs were made to place throughout the room to alert our friends.

I asked what the robbers intention was. What was he trying to get? What treasures do we have in our room he might want? Immediately they decided robbers usually take money so they needed to make some.

In the block room there were fantastic things going on as well. A small group of children were taking turns reading a favorite book to each other.

In the dress up room there was action everywhere. I grabbed a book that had songs in it and we began to read together. That was fun ! whole goal was to get the children excited about rhyming and to have fun together . Throughout the rest of the day I heard rhymes popping up everywhere !

And yet another group was trying to figure out how to balance a popcorn tin on top of our green disposable cups that are used for stacking.

So lets back up to cops and robbers. Randy said, should we really be teaching this? This is a perfect example of how we teach here. No – I was not teaching about cops and robbers. I was merely joining their play that had already started and found ways to weave in skills that are needed to go to kindergarten such as writing, problem-solving, creativity, scissor cutting, social skills with friends, and figuring things out.

There was lots of snuggling too. I might have even rocked one of my babies to sleep.

Hahaha. Who are we kidding ?

It was a really good day. These are the days that remind me again we are absolutely doing it right. If you asked the kids what they learned today they are sure to tell you we just played. Hopefully you can see that is far from the truth. ❤️


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