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You Get What You Get

Published on December 7, 2018 under Winter

Christmas is a great time to teach gratitude and good ole’ fashioned manners. I don’t believe in making children hug strange people. I’ve let go of my southern ways of thinking I should be addressed as Mrs. Mays. I’ve downsized to ” bro.” I am not offended in the least by this. It’s endearing. However, I am pretty picky about a few manners and teaching gratitude. After making our Santa lists yesterday and saying what we want today we talked about the all important mantra of –

And you don’t pitch a fit.

The children were engrossed in this book and what happened when the lead character didn’t get his way. Interestingly , at school he handled this well. At home was a different story. At school we all have a pretty good handle on the ” don’t pitch a fit part .” I asked the children if they pitch fits at home. Very matter of fact – many told us they do. We all agreed we would work on it.

We also finished up an ornament

and started a new one.

I know. I know you’re tired of hearing this – another excellent day.


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