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Los Posadas

Published on December 14, 2018 under Winter

“This special Christmas tradition begins on December 16th. The word “posadas” mean “inn” or “lodging”. This festival celebrates the story of Joseph and Mary searching for an inn where Mary could give birth.

To celebrate this festival, people go door to door, knocking on doors, pretending to search for a place where Joseph and Mary can stay. They carry lanterns and sing songs, somewhat like caroling. They also carry an entire, and typically large, nativity scene.

When they reach the spot where the nativity scene will “spend the night” (by prearrangement), they have a big feast. They do this for nine nights. The route is carefully planned out.

This holiday is a wonderful reminder of the spirit of Christmas. It is also a very fun Christmas tradition.” (

Quite a while back Becky asked me could she and Leo share their Christmas tradition with our Preschool family. My answer was emphatically- yes!

Leo arrived first with Mexican hot chocolate and sweet bread.

Becky came and told the story of Los Posadas.

We re-enacted what is normally done by the boys going outside the door and asking “can we come in ?” The girls answered ” no.” The second time they let them in.

Then. Dumdumdum —the PIÑATA !!

It was fun !

It was full !

What a wonderful time and so good to learn more about other cultures. Thanks Becky and Leo !!


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