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Monday’s and Aggressiveness in Children.

Published on October 22, 2018 under Winter

Children who have not learned to control anger or frustration often resort to aggressive behavior. Aggression is a normal expression of emotion in young children. They have not yet learned acceptable ways to channel their anger. Many times aggression rears its ugly head on Mondays when children return to school and are out of schedule or tired.

Aggressive behavior includes hitting, throwing things, name-calling, spitting, biting, pushing or pulling, forcing someone to do or to not do something, destroying someone else’s property or taking someone else’s possessions.

Our program recognizes the importance of dealing with aggressive behavior. Teachers help children find acceptable ways to express their anger, negotiate to get what they want or need, and handle aggression directed towards them by peers.

We encourage children to express their feelings and words and to negotiate resolutions to conflict. We facilitate conversations between children when problems arise. Sometimes we even suggest words that help communicate the child’s feelings. In time, with adult support, they are able to use the social skills to solve their own problems.

At home when your child behaves aggressively, try redirecting his or her attention by offering a choice of other activities. Empathize words rather than actions. With time and patience, a child will learn to say, “I’m mad because I want to play with the truck,” instead of lashing out.

As adults, we can help children learn to express negative emotions in more appropriate ways. And a positive attitude on our part is the best teacher but on Monday’s it’s harder for everyone.

Despite the Monday blues there were many good things happening today.

The children used teamwork to fill this huge homemade cake for Mrs Holly’s birthday.

What looks like music might actually be science — see the water surging up as he hits ?

Sometimes provocations happen when I just sit to play. “Mrs Debbie that’s a square pumpkin .” Yes ! It reminds me of that story I read to you “spookley the square pumpkin.” I can’t make a round pumpkin with the unifix cubes.

Oh, yes you can.

Well then.

Or just the literacy happening everywhere. Maybelle wrote her friends name.


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