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Art is Smart

Published on October 2, 2018 under Winter

A child becomes totally engrossed and immersed in the process of making a work of art. The sensation of feeling smooth thick paint sliding onto the paper calms the child. When the child grapples with the challenge of representing an object – like today or drawing a self-portrait she is engaging in a task that is the commanding and satisfying.

We provide an assortment of art materials for children to choose from to make their own unique creations. We do not have the children copy the teachers model or make a designated project. We encourage them to use the materials in different ways. Sometimes we present in our provocation.

Over the weekend my friend coordinated a wedding. She is a former preschool teacher that knew the children would love experiencing the humongous bouquet of flowers. Today I presented the flowers to the children and told them where they came from and ask them if they would like to paint

When you look at the paintings you can see different stages of art for children. Ex. When I say ” would you like to paint the flowers ?” Guess what a three year old might do ? You got it ! Paint brush on the actual flower.

Then there’s that whole idea of how to use paints and not mix them.

Art is a vital and vibrant part of the early childhood program, contributing to all aspects of the young child’s development. As they draw, paint and build children think creatively, make decisions, and solve problems. Children’s fine motor skills are developed naturally through manipulation of the brushes like today. This type of activity prepares children for writing in later years. Language is also developed as children talk about color, shape, and size, and as they describe the work to their friends and teachers.

After the painting experience I took the flowers outside to see what would happen.

At first the children just stopped to smell the flowers. Eventually someone suggested I could cut the dead pieces off with pliers from the workbench. Then another child pulled one flower.

After that the children begin to disassemble the arrangement and use them for different things over the playground.

We saw the flowers used as a memorial. As I asked the children what they were doing they told me a story. ( Wait for the Amen!)

The flowers were used as props to normal play

The flowers were made into jewelry.

Sometimes the children would ask me to take the picture with the flower. It reminded me of that whole hobby lobby experiment.

The language was rich as they talk about thorns, petals , smooth and prickly.

There was also science as Olivia announced that in order to grow the flowers would need sunshine and dirt and water .

When you hear me say things about loose parts on our playground this too would be considered a loose part.

It was a full day.

It all started with a fabulous game of hide and seek.

Leo said it wasn’t fair. The kids told where he was hiding. 😂😂😂


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