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For Every Scarlett

Published on May 7, 2018 under Winter

Today and many other days throughout the year Scarlet showed up in a costume. It makes her happy. Who am I to say it’s not appropriate for school when it obviously brings her such joy ? If you can’t be a kid and unique at Preschool where and when will that opportunity happen?

I saw a quote once that said she is sunshine mixed with a little hurricane and I think it completely describes scarlet.

Years ago I had another Scarlett. I never knew what she would show up to school dressed in . Every day with her was a new adventure. Her mom was quite sad when she went to kindergarten and the fairy wings had to be put away and she had to wear normal… Clothing every day. So for now I will enjoy the children and the chaotic beautiful mess that sometimes comes with that.

I’ll remain in peace and joy for all the Scarlett’s.


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