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Still Assessing

Published on April 23, 2018 under Winter

Today Holly was out sick but I was still able to continue doing the dial 3 assessments – a little modified. Why use tiny blocks when it can be a gross motor game. Move beside the chairs. Move behind , in front of , and between the chairs. Move around the chairs. Move under the table. 😆

We also did a little cutting ” formal ” assessment .

And name writing …

We also went through our art work portfolio and made sure we all had at least 7 or 8 for our show . This is the art show pile.

This is the rest 😳

This morning Scarlett had a hard time letting mom go. It’s a new ” normal ” for her. After transitioning her in I asked her did she feel the need to go to the calm down spot. She did. Her friend Malea ( without prompting ) went to the calm down spot to help. Scarlett said no she wanted to be alone. That’s ok. A while later Malea was upset and ran down the stairs. Guess who came to her aid without missing a beat and had calm down lotion ready to Go ? Scarlett !!! After giving her a little and calming her down she asked her would she like to go to the calm down spot. Scarlett walked her over there.

This is kindergarten readiness. But more importantly this is life readiness. Empathy. You can’t teach it. You can model. You can talk. You can help children recognize emotions and know when to help. I am proud of my Preschool family.


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