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Published on April 4, 2018 under Winter

I think the thing I love the most about this time of year is the confidence that flows from our littles. They just blossom and own all the new things they are able to do.  I don’t brag about my kiddos being able to sit still and be quiet or sit in circle and listen for ( what seems like forever.) I brag on the amazing confidence they gain by being able to try out new things and succeed.  Its pretty easy to succeed when you are the one in control of your plan.  Right?  Look at this amazing picture Gabe drew.  He put such detail into his art and is so proud of it.

Tryston and Nathan made puppets and put on a puppet show !  They are creative !

Jude.  Jude loves watches. He makes them often from paper , markers and tape . Today he was out of tape so he just glued it on his arm.  As a teacher that lets kiddos make choices I was in a quandary.  Geez.. I can’t let him go home with a round piece of paper glued to his arm. I did however understand and respect his ingenuity.  We talked about it.  How will you get it off ? What do you think it will feel like after it dries and you pull it off ? Finally, I said, I found some tape.  How do you feel about taking the glued one off and making another one with tape ? He agreed maybe that was a good idea.  Confidence… if one way doesn’t work ( he couldn’t find tape ) then try another ( glue it on the arm. )  There’s more than one way to skin a cat.

And then there’s Grayson. We ended up with a few extra minutes before rest time.  It was too early to lay down.  I suggested we play a game.

Hello Mr Knickerbocker

Spookety Do

Show me what trick that YOU can do.


You replace Knickerbocker  with each child’s name and they in turn do a special trick.  We had one leg yoga poses and flips .  Jude even showed us he can take his finger off like Mr Randy.  Grayson said ” I don’t know any tricks.  I can’t ” Holly reminded him what amazing moves he did while dancing yesterday so he showed us how to do the robot.


Its hard getting in the middle of people and doing your “thang.”

Here’s my list:


2. Loved

3. Confident

4.  Self regulation

5.  Lots of other stuff.

6.  Write letters

7.  Know letter sounds


I have my priorities in order.


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