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What Did You Do For Spring Break?

Published on March 26, 2018 under Art

Spring break is a little hard to understand when the kids  take off a week and come back to continuing cold weather. There were a few tell- tell signs of spring though.  Our  two trees out front are covered with flower buds.


The white one is shedding ( which I am sure is great for our allergies ) and the kids were saying ” It’s snowing ! It’s snowing!”  Scarlett asked me did I have a wedding here while she was gone.  Hmm… Why do you ask ?  ‘ Because there are flower petals all over the ground. ” Makes sense to me.

 We have had an azalea plant that has needed  planting for a while and today Gracie took care of that for us ! I hope it lives and starts to bud. She will be so excited.



During small groups today we talked about what we did for Spring Break and drew a picture of it.  These kiddos are really good at art.

If I could only spell all the things they draw. 🙂



But Alan did spell his name for the first time today.  I said “Hey , don’t forget to write your name on your paper. ” He said “OK” and handed it to me.  Great job  Alan !




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