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Published on March 27, 2018 under Art

I educate you all the time on that is DAP and what quality says we should do but rarely do I talk about licensing and our minimum regulations.  In Siloam we are blessed. We have had the same worker as our specialist for 12 years I think. That is phenomenal and does not happen everywhere. Not only has she been around a long time but she is great at her job.  She is thorough and goes by the book. That is what we want, right ? She is also fair.  Today one of our electric plugs was missing the cover.  I thought we had replaced all our sockets with the self closuring types but evidently one was hiding behind furniture and did not get replaced.  We immediately put one in and all was well.  She is unique in that she doesn’t come in with a “Gotcha” type attitude. She is seriously here to celebrate the good things you do and help you with the things you might struggle with.  We love Candace.


In addition to whistle finder, singer, and fashion designer Gracie might need to add cake designer to her list of ambitions.  This was a wedding cake she made Randy and I. I don’t have to explain to you all the skills it took for her to do this, right ? 


Literacy everywhere ? Ms Debbie, what does this spell ?

And then there is this story.  I had a box I emptied yesterday.  Tryston decided to make a shelf.  It is a color coded shelf with little books .

Me: Where will you find books that small?

Tyston: I will make them.


And he did.



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