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Art Explosion

Published on February 23, 2018 under Winter

These littles are still super excited about art.  Their designs are getting more and more complex and detailed.


It’s the best thing when you see their art and they have incorporated letter writing .


Or you see children join the table for art that normally don’t partake. 

We are still working on our puppet show. Today we read our book again and looked at the illustrations.  We chose three pages that we might could use the designs for our invitations. Then we made a human graph and did a little math.  Gracie’s colorful train had the most votes.


Mr Randy has not felt well today.  He was certainly on the struggle bus.  As you know Holly is out with the flu and Adrian’s is in the middle of a serious family emergency.   I have made Mr Randy an appointment to get checked for  the flu after work. He is running a low grade fever.  So today I either failed as a teacher or totally rocked it.  I failed because we had screen time or I made an excellent decision to keep the children safe, contained and away from Mr Randy. 🙂    (  I did try to call 3 other subs and finally just gave up.  ) 


Is it Friday yet ?


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