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What Do You Think ?

Published on November 27, 2017 under Literacy

In our setting we spend a lot of time asking ” what do you think ?”   Asking questions ( especially open ended questions ) gives children the opportunity to express their own ideas, thoughts and power.  Today we talked about two events that are happening.  I FINALLY had time to make the labels for our area outside that the Eagle Scout made us to collect things in.


 Hopefully Randy will get the labels attached this afternoon and you guys can start bringing  ” beautiful stuff ” for our littles to sort, craft with and explore.  I will explain the bins more tomorrow  .  Today ,  I wanted to ” name ” our collection area. I asked on a Reggio board what they thought would be best and they reminded me ” Let the children decide. It is their area. ” So, today that is what we did .  This is what they came up with.  I like it.


Also we were scheduled to have visitors from Arkansas Advocates tomorrow .  Last I heard they may be rearranging to the week before Christmas.  When I asked the children how we should welcome them they said ” make a sign ” , ” say ” come in ” and make them a cake. So, today we made the sign.

When we confirm their visit we will make a cake and SURELY when they arrive someone will say ” Come in. ”  🙂  Gotta love kids.


It was a good day.
There was writing happening everywhere and amazing art.

I’m thankful we are back.


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