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The Power of Acceptance

Published on August 25, 2017 under conscious discipline

Today’s Conscious Discipline  Skill we will focus on  is the Power of Acceptance.

This one is pretty easily explained :  The moment is what it is.

When a child spills a pitcher of milk you can’t CHANGE that it happened. You can only control how you respond. It is what it is.

When a child has a screaming fit in the middle of the store you can’t CHANGE that it is happening.  You can only control how you respond.  It is what it is.

Many times we respond to children based on what has happened in the past for what we hope will happen in the future.  We need to respond to what is going on at the moment.

Accept your child.

If he’s ornery and everyone judges you as a mom for it.

If he still wets the bed at night.

If she cuts her hair and has ZERO bangs before picture day.

Accept yourself …

When the laundry is piling up

When dishes have been in the sink for two days

When you get to the end of the day and the you see someone’s Facebook post and wish you had it all together like they do.  ( That’s another blog… you know they don’t right ? )

Accept every moment for what it is. That is how we learn and grow.  The video has some great examples in it if you have time.

As I typed our blog today I am catching up on comments on Facebook from my venting about the older man walking down my street ( EVERY DAY ) and the children lining the fence and yelling ” Good Morning ! Good Morning  ! Good Morning  ! ”  and he repeatedly looks them in the face and doesn’t even acknowledge they are even standing there wildly waving their arms.  I tried to check myself. Did I offer him acceptance ?   This becomes a little more difficult when people do things that hurt our kids .    Did it really hurt the kids.. probably not.  I eventually said ‘ Hey y’all… he heard you .. lets play a game. ”  And we did… we drove the the candy store.

Click this link !


And we ran and played …



And we played with mud  


And we played with clay  



I didn’t say anything negative to the kids about the old man.  I didn’t let it bother me or lag on.  I posted the incident ( like I do many things ) to remind others that  we are raising the littles that will one day push us in a nursing home or off a cliff and we should be kind.

I think I did use the power of acceptance.  🙂





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