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More 3D Art

Published on April 10, 2017 under Art

Again, today we worked on our 3 D art pieces for our art show.  I think you will be impressed at the pictures they drew and then how they represented them in 3D.  While doing this activity there is a lot of unplanned assessments that can take place .  What color did you draw here ? Can you find something else red that you can use on your art piece ?   What shape is that  ? On your picture you drew a square . Can you find a base we can build on from our recyclables that is square ?  There is also lots of problem solving going on .   How can we make it stick ? What could be the arms sticking out that will stay on ? The littles are very proud of what they are executing.

We have been struggling a little with family time.  We took a break last week to regroup.  If I  ( as the facilitator  ) am frustrated and saying ” Stop, sing with us , don’t hurt your friends, come back… Etc.. .” over and over.. then something is wrong and needs to be changed.  It could be the weather  . It might just be this time of the year when they all tend to get a little antsy.

We did try family time outside today.   We talked about what calm is.. and what peace is . Are they the same ?  Where have you heard ” peace ” before ? Pax let us know he has heard it at church before .  If we ask children to be calm or peaceful and they have no idea what that  means, we are creating robots that listen to the tone of our voice and adjust.   I want them to understand what calm is.  I want them to feel peace after using a calm down technique.  Today , the wind was blowing and taking deep breaths as the wind flew past our nose felt different. It felt nice. It helped us feel peaceful and calm.

And then we hopped like bunny rabbits to get some energy expended before going inside .


Happy Monday.






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