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I’m a Rebel

Published on April 19, 2017 under Winter

Today I decided we would stay outside all day  in honor of all the kids that attend early education programs that don’t have that option.  I decided we would stay outside all day in honor of all the littles that have teachers that ignore research based data and continue to drill and kill kids with flashcards and worksheets and  ridiculous time spent teaching concepts that preschoolers have no business learning.  I decided we would stay outside all day today to honor childhood.


I also decided I would show you how we can learn so much outside while playing.  Playing is a child’s job.  Playing is how they learn .  Some concepts or activities don’t come ” natural ” outside so as a teacher I find ways to intrigue the kids to play a game with me .


I wrote lots of numbers on the sidewalk and we played a game .  I called out a number and they raced to find it and put a toe on it .



We watched the neighbors chickens . They would scratch and then peck , scratch and then peck. What do you think they are scratching the ground for ?   I wonder what they eat ? Why do they not fly over the fence  ? I wonder. Science is about all sparking curiosity, right ?

Or we can do the normal science activity .  ” Look Ms Debbie. There are tiny flowers growing… ”




I read a book outside ” Hopper Hunts for Spring.”  After reading it Mila said ” Now, I will read it to you.  ”



We don’t always bring paper and crayons outside but if we know we are spending extra time outside we can add materials to make sure opportunities are included for fine motor.

Other art materials outside are paint on the easel and side walk chalk.



When you have a BOSE bluetooth it is pretty easy to add music , even music from other cultures ,  to your outside play time.

Fine Motor

There is also picking up pebbles and shredding leaves .



Gross Motor



This is Vallie  detailing every moment of the kindergarten tour to me – quite  dramatically I might add.


It is quite possible to do all the ” learning ” that we need to do outside . Can we all just take a moment of silence for littles who’s childhood is stolen away from them as they jump though all the hoops that well meaning  ”  teachers” go through to ” get kiddos ready for kindergarten. ”




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