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Out of the Mouthes of Babes

Published on March 2, 2017 under Dr. Suess

Today was Dr Suess’ birthday .   Why oh why do I cave to peer pressure ? Why do I feel the need to go along with society and dive head first into things that do not mesh with my preschool family philosophy ?  My oldie parents know that Dr. Suess books are  not my favorite .  Let’s start with — they are just too LOOOOOONGGGG.  I mean 40 pages filled with words is not appropriate for 3 and four year olds. Maybe it can work one on one at bedtime with mom or dad but in a classroom with distraction even if you have the voices of many to entertain…it is difficult.  There . I said it again.  I do not like Dr. Suess.  Dallas was giving a wonderful rendition of ” Fox in Socks” today and one of the little girls said ” Why are there just silly words and he isn’t telling a story ?”  Yep.  I agree little one . I agree.  It is an amazing fun rhyme filled book but for my age group we can play rhyming games all day without having to sit and listen to a book that lasts forever and makes no sense.  Whatever… I have a cat in the hat costume.  I have had big Dr . Suess parties.  I asked the littles yesterday who Dr. Suess was and they had no clue.  I feel justified in toning down our celebration a little.   We read a few books .    We cooked green eggs and ham.   blah.



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