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Shadow Play

Published on February 2, 2017 under science

In celebration of Groundhog Day today we did a little exploring shadows.

The overhead  projector was a hit.  The discoveries they make with color and light on this are amazing and they get more complex over time . We will leave the overhead out for a while so they can continue to experiment with light.

In the stage area we had a shadow puppet area.   The rule was only one person could go behind the curtain at a time for safety .

We watched a tiny video about groundhogs just so we would know what in the heck it was. MOST of the kids thought it was a hog.

We charted things we learned about groundhogs.

We went on a shadow hunt.

First we found shadows under the car.  ( That was really the only place. )

Then…. it wasn’t a shadow but we found a tricky yellow flower that thought Spring was here.

As we walked looking for shadows I reminded them places we had seen shadows before – our bodies as we walk, the huge tree and the fence post.  No shadows to be found anywhere.

Finally Grayson said ” Ms Debbie I have something to tell you!   We don’t see the shadows because see the clouds.. they are hiding the sun. ”  Parker said  ” You need light AND dark to get shadows.”  We never found the shadows while we were walking.  Maybe the kids were right…

But we were intrigued and we remember how shadows are made. At nap time… someone found a shadow.


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