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Its Fri- YAY Y’all !

Published on February 3, 2017 under science

This week like all the others this year has FLOWN by.

Some concepts  we have explored a little the last two days in addition to shadows ( that I didn’t mention yesterday ) is sequencing.   I have a little sequencing game we played.  Each set has three cards with pictures  that have an obvious sequence of events.  1. Wash the apple.   2.  Cut the Apple.  3. Eat the apple.   We talked about what comes first , next and last and also used the terms first, second and third.


We were a little more successful at finding shadows today.


Dallas took this picture of Simon today. He started here .

He would go back and forth trying to set the pieces on the overhead so that he could touch both with his hand on the wall.  Then Simon  would go to the wall.

Spatial thinking is what we do when we visualize shapes in our “mind’s eye.”

It’s the mental feat that architects and engineers perform when they design buildings. The capacity that permits a chemist to contemplate the three-dimensional structure of a molecule, or a surgeon to navigate the human body. It’s what Michelangelo used when he visualized a future sculpture trapped inside a lump of stone. –

See more at:



I should write a book one day about the conversations that take place here.

The boys decided that a worm will be their pet while they are at school. They put it in a pot and kept it all night . Today they decided to build a home for him . A home for his home….  They told me its a girl.  I asked how do you know its a girl.  The reply was about hair.  Nathan laughed and said WORMS DONT HAVE HAIR. Then , the decided it must be a girl because they gave it a girl name.

If your child ever tells you they were locked in the tires… please know that it wasn’t an adult that did it and … its all for fun.

And lastly – there’s a whole lot of reading and writing going on.


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