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Do You Have Sheep At The Animal Shelter ?

Published on February 1, 2017 under Pets

Today the Animal Shelter came to visit us to prepare us for our visit there after school.  Before they cam we talked about what we might want to know.  I was so impressed with the list the children came up with.   They asked QUESTIONS! Thats big .  Usually 3 year olds haven’t grasped the concept of a question yet.

Two officers came and a little dog called Arnie.   Arnie was the officers dog. They brought him to use him as an example.   They were so helpful. They taught us how to act if a stranger dog is near.  First we were told never to touch someone else’s dog without asking.   That way the owner can tell us if he is not safe . After asking we we told to approach the dog palm down low and allow the dog to come to us and sniff our hand before trying to touch him.

We were told if a stranger dog chases us we should not run.  If we run he thinks we are part of his game and might get hurt. Stand still like a tree and allow the dog to sniff you.


If a dog runs after you and knocks you down we were told to lay much like we do for stop drop and roll.   You cover your face and ears with your hands face down.  If you aren’t moving the dog hopefully we walk away and leave you alone.

I am 50 and two of these were new things to me.

It’s that time of the month. We also did our self portraits.



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