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Published on December 16, 2016 under Christmas

Today we walked down to the fire station on Mount Olive to take cookies to our fireman. I explained to the kids how they sacrifice time with families at Christmas to keep us safe.  I LOOOOOVE the new sidewalks down Mount Olive .  We feel so much safer as we walk. img_5587



We had one mommy and TWO DADDIES that came to play and walk with us.  We are blessed.



We also wrapped the present the kids made to give parents. They will bring them home the last day of school.


As we practiced our ” program ” today I smiled. Inside I had a little bit of a sadness for the loss of what used to be.  As a teacher I continue to evolve .  I like to think I am evolving into a better teacher. I have changed many of the practices we have had for years.   I like our time spent with kids and parents to be more genuine and relationship building now than teaching or performing.  In the past we had  some pretty good shows . I mean for preschoolers I would say they were top notch.  But if you could hear what goes on in making sure we are ready for those perfect shows.  There is a lot of ” Shhh.. listen to what you have to do. ”  ” Sing !!!  Your parents are expecting it. ”  and ” Get still! Stand in your spot.”  Well, to be perfectly transparent there is still SOME of that but not near what it used to be.  The program you will  see tomorrow is simple.   It isn’t perfect . It is cute. It is your kids.   We practiced the little songs and dance moves maybe 6 times.  The kids MADE their own costumes and I am really proud of them.  Children this age really shouldn’t be expected to perform or memorize or be anything other than little children that love Christmas and Santa and candy canes.  So, you… are the parents that get to experience the laid back more child centered teacher this year.  You are my testing parents . You are the ones that I get to see… do I need to do the big hoopla program, showcase the children, spend hours making cute candy and snacks and fancy decor ?  Or , are the little things enough…


I’ll see you in the morning .


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