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Conscious Discipline at Christmas

Published on December 22, 2016 under Winter

We are feeling the excitement building about Christmas.  Sometimes littles excitement comes off as nervous energy, more giggling than normal and just a little more chaos in general.  Usually at this time of year there is more sugar ingested than normal and our schedules and bedtimes might be a little off.   Are you struggling at home ? Are you feeling the Christmas Spirit and your Ho Ho HO is Hum Hum Hum ?

Here are a few helps  !

One is obvious… limit the sugar .  I mean, who doesn’t want Christmas cookies and hot chocolate for breakfast but that crash after the sugar wears off can be brutal.

Two is make a schedule so that your child knows what is going on each day.  The best way to do this is using post it notes that way each day during break you can change out or move around what needs to be moved.   The schedule should be simple : Brush Teeth , Get dressed, Breakfast, Shopping , Lunch, Nap, Screen time, Crafts, Supper, Brush Teeth, Story, Bed. It may look different every day.  It may say ” grandmas house ” or ” Make cookies !”

Next you want to flip the elf on the shelf mentality. The elf is looking for ” bad ” things the children are doing .  Spend your day looking for the good. Noticed and tell your little you value the good they are doing.  What you are focusing on you get more of .  Ex ”  Your room looks like you cleaned it a little. You’ve worked hard.  Now pick up the cars. ”  or ” I saw your be kind to your sister. Your words were nice. Look at her face. She is happy. You did it. ”

Oh and today we made more ornaments.

I wish you well. img_6068



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