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Super Hero’s Unite

Published on October 24, 2016 under super heroes

Some days I really do feel like a Super Hero.  Let me explain :



Each Monday I host a statewide conference call for family child care providers in our association. We give out business tips, curriculum tips and all kinds of good information.   The call is at 1:00 and 8:00.  Most days I have my ducks in a row for the call and today was no exception.  We are on schedule getting the kids laid down at 1230.  Everything is going well.  Randy says ” Debbie, I have a notice in my email  for a webinar?  It started an hour ago ?”  Serious ???!!  The webinar is a required training  that I did face to face but Randy and Dallas could not go.  Immediately I switch from calm and cool – Ive got this under control Monday girl – to crazy lady.  Normally at 1245 I send out a reminder to association members to join my conference call. I post it on social media and a smart phone ap.   So, I have 15 minutes to help Randy and Dallas get situated on their webinar ,me make my reminders and get on the call to host.  The webinar app  is no longer installed on Randy’s phone. Install App.  Write down meeting code. Get him in the meeting . Find his ear phones.  Dallas got herself in the webinar ( Thank goodness .)  Send out reminders.  Start call.  Whew…. Super Hero I tell ya.

Today we had many new activities out and the room was a buzz.

We had super hero sorting games.






For Small groups today we played a matching game.  Matching games are an age appropriate way to help children develop visual discrimination  . ”  ….children must be able to successfully distinguish between different letters in order to read and write words. As Winnie the Pooh famously said, ‎“To the uneducated, an A is just three sticks…..


”Successful handwriting requires the development of visual perceptual skills. Visual perceptual skills help children obtain and organize visual information from the environment and interpret what they see.”


Its always interesting to watch a child play a matching game . Today we matched super heroes. Either they have the skill or they don’t.  To make it less overwhelming I don’t use a lot of cards. I had 4 pairs for two children .


This is one of the reasons we don’t ” teach ” children to write letters yet that aren’t ready. If they can’t see the difference in a picture of batman and a picture of superman while playing a game how in the world can we expect them to see the difference between a P and a B ?

We also “read ” a super hero counting book


and did a little role playing super hero social skills.


Today we learned that super heroes are safe keepers.



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