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Police Officers are Safe Keepers

Published on October 10, 2016 under people that keep us safe

Today we had a police officer visit us.   He read us a book. As he read the book he showed us the ” tools ” he had on his belt to keep us safe . He used the term ” safe ” many times.  He told us he was our safe keeper  .


He let us look in his brand new police car.


It was really fancy .  At lunch a few of the girls had a conversation about why the front seat was ” soft and cushy ” and the back was hard.

Child 1.  Maybe its so when he turns curves fast you slide across.

Child 2.  Maybe its because people  been bad and  deserve a hard seat.




Each time I write a blog for you I try to find a small way to help you as a parent  continue the conversation at home.  Today I googled ”  How to teach your preschooler about police officers… ” I am appalled and angry at the things that popped up from my search .   I wanted an article that reiterated  how  to teach children to respect officers. I wanted it to say ” if you are in trouble, find a police officer . He will help you. ” What I found was the opposite.  Has our society  changed so much since I was a child ?  Am I naive enough to think that all policemen in the 70’s were kind and there were not a few bad apples ? No, I am sure there were but none the less I was taught to respect officers as an authority figure .  Everything I came across said things like ” be careful ” or ” even if they are wrong do what they say .. ”


img_2480    Yes, there are a few officers nationwide that make really bad choices but that should not stereotype who these people are  as a whole and the fact that they protect us and help us follow a law that has been determined to create order.


img_2486These men and women are someone’s children . These men and women are someone’s parent.   They risk their lives for us.    I can tell you what I teach in my home and at preschool.


Police officers keep us safe.

Police officers are brave.

Police officers have tools.

We address police officers as ” police man or officer .”  We do not refer to them as the pigs or the PoPo.


To say thank you to them ( and the firemen  ) we made a Thank you note.  For all you have done and all  you will  do I know I am safe because of you….




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