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Leaf Hunt

Published on October 19, 2016 under fall

We’re going on a leaf hunt

a leaf hunt

We’re going on a leaf hunt

A leaf hunt.

Look ! Its a mountain .

We can’t go through it.

We can’t go around it.

We have to climb it.

( CLIMB CLIMB CLIMB … wooooo….. that was hard, I am out of breath. )

Today we read this story outside and then hunted for leaves in our play yard.


We used chalk to make a graph on the porch and we graphed what we found.


Our trees in our yard mainly shed yellow leaves.


We also did a little craft project.   The children were given brown markers to draw tree trunks and branches The leaves to the trees were made by stamping with foil balls.  This is a semi- process oriented art. I didn’t tell them how to stamp or where to stamp but I did choose the colors and give them an idea.  Free art ( which is more appropriate for this age ) would entail just putting the materials in the art center and letting them decide how to use them on their own.


Inside we played a math game with leaves. ” Roll the dice and put the correct number of leaves in your basket.  ” Some were successful with one to one correspondence and some were not.  That is expected since we have  3s and 4s.


It was a good day and I was happy to be back home




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