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I am Unique !

Published on September 6, 2016 under I am special
I am Unique !

Yesterday I retweeted a quote from ” The Notebook .” I am a romantic at heart. I think that is where all my memory building comes from.   This was the quote.
“Someone will always be prettier. Someone will always be smarter. Someone will always be younger.
But they will never be you.”

This week as we talk about how we are all different even though some things may look the same I hope that the children really grasp how amazing we TRULY  are  !   As we looked in mirrors for an activity today I heard one little girl  say ” You are beautiful. ”  Can we tell them all that every day for the next few years so that it is part of who they are ?  As children get older there are people everywhere that tell them they are not good enough, fast enough, pretty enough  or smart enough . During these formative years when we have much influence over them lets tell them over and over again… You are enough.


In small groups today we looked in mirrors and sang a song called ” I am Special. ”

I am special

I am special

Take a look

You will see

Someone very special

Someone very special

And that’s me.

And that’s me.

We also worked on name puzzles. For the young littles their puzzle was only 2-3 pieces. For the older children there were a few more to make the puzzle more of a challenge.



We charted are you a boy or a girl  ?


There were also new materials out today.

I added wooden rounds with letters on them.  We used them to make our names  !


There were tiny blocks that had a little house. Now only is it a literacy toy but it is fine motor as the children pick up the blocks and place them in the house’s windows.

One of the things that Conscious Discipline tells us is to focus on what we CAN do . Today we did a small circle time and I did another song

” Hey Mr Knicker Bocker

Bokety Boo

_____  ( Childs name )

Show me a trick that you can do !

The children each took turns showing their friends a trick and then we wrote down what they said they CAN do.


Being a teacher of loose parts and believing in a child emergent curriculum is sometimes hard.  Like the day they take your brand new HUGE chalk  pieces  and grind them  on the table into  ” Fairy Dust. ”  I let them finish it today.   The pieces are almost gone.  When they ask for more we will talk about what ” other  ” ways we can use it so that it is there the next day . We can’t write with dust.  I had to have a little talk with myself.  They wondered what would happen. Now, they know.



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